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    TwistPad is a decentralized platform consisting of a launchpad TwistPad and a TwistPad listing that facilitates between developers and investors. with the complex ecosystem owned by TwistPad Developers can market their projects as well as carry out initial sales stages to the public as well as direct sales to the public.

    Investors can also easily understand a project that has potential or not with a review of the protocols implemented by TwistPad.

  • Why Twistpad?

    For Developers
    Ease of consulting access to project development, marketing and funding with the large ecosystem.

    For Holders
    Ease of investment consulting Starting from the level of the safety of a project and the potential benefits of a project.

    Make it easier for investors and developers to increase profits and facilitate marketing and fundraising.

  • Tokenomics

    Supply 100.000.000
    - Burn — 10.000.000
    - Pancake — 42.000.000(Locked 730 days)
    - Cex preparation — 20.000.000(Locked 60 days)
    - Twist Eco — 15.000.000(Locked 90 days)
    - Dev wallet — 3.000.000(Locked 180 days)
    - Marketing wallet — 5.000.000
    - Team wallet — 2.000.000
    - Airdrop wallet — 3.000.000

  • Project Roadmap

    #1st Phase

    • Community building.
    • Website Release.
    • Audit + KYC on Dessert
    • TwistPad coinlisting demo.
    • AMA's at Big Influencer channel.
    • Huge marketing pre launch.
    • Private-Sale & Pre-sale launch.
    • Huge marketing after launch.
    • TwistPad coin listing alpha release.

    #2nd Phase

    • Twist Coinlisting officially released.
    • Twist Swap officially released.
    • CMC & CG Listing
    • Special discussion about TwistPad launchpad on social media.
    • TwistPad launchpad demo.
    • Partnership with 3 ads company.
    • Launch promotion on TwistPad & twistPad token listing with free ads and 2 partners who collaborate with TwistPad.

    #3rd Phase

    • Collaboration with big influensers to promote TwistPad launchpad.
    • Manual burn party.
    • Audit on Certik.
    • TwistPad launchpad officially released.
    • Centralized exchange.

    #4th Phase

    • Company license registration.
    • Billboard installation in 10 countries with the most crypto users.
    • Inaugurated the official office of TwistPad.io.
    • TwistPad to be the leading launchpad with guaranteed safe securities for developers and investors.


    • Improve more features at TwistPad Launchpad.
    • Build central education for investors and prospective developers who pass the selection.
    • Introduce more about launchpad TwistPad in crypto world and outside crypto world.
    • More developments that have been planned by the TwistPad team.

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